Don't Be A Football Monster

August 29, 2016

 Don't become one of these this weekend!!!!!
Enjoy the excitement of the Grand Finals, but please don’t lose perspective of the efforts the kids have put into the whole season. Congratulate them, hug them, and let the kids know that you are proud of them; before and after the game; win or lose. Grand finals are no place for big heads – either the kid’s or yours. Keep victories in their right perspective, show respect to the opposition because they have obviously played well to make the grand final. You must let them know that they cannot be losers if they did their best.


"There is zero tolerance for Football Monsters"


Remember #ShooshForKids is every round
If your comment is negative, then SHOOSH!
If your comment is directed at a player, then SHOOSH!
If your comment is directed at a referee or match official, then SHOOSH!
Reward good play by both teams with applause, if you can’t then SHOOSH!
Show respect to players and game officials. Remember it’s their game!

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