From 1980 to 1983 the Sub-Juniors came under the control  of the Newcastle Junior Rugby League Association with the Sub-Juniors run by a Sub-Junior Sub-Committee.  Then in 1983 it was decided that in 1984 the U7 to U15 would be controlled by the Newcastle Junior Rugby League Association and the U16 to U20 by the Newcastle Junior Rugby Football League. This was the beginning of our Association no longer being  a sub-committee to an Association.  This gave the clubs within the district clubs boundary’s (Wangi, Stockton, Cardiff, Valentine etc.) a seat on the general committee of the Newcastle Junior Rugby League Association, prior to this they were served by their district Junior body.  This continued until 1993 when Government legislation required both bodies to incorporate and the Department of Fair Trading decided that the names of both bodies were too simular so Schoolboys was added to our name and we became Newcastle Schoolboys Junior Rugby League Association, the other group U16 to U20 became Newcastle Junior Rugby League Association.  A couple of years ago when we checked with the Department  of Fair Trading the name NJRLA had been deregistered (because that body had disbanded many years before) and was available so we reverted back to our original Newcastle Junior Rugby League Association name which remains in place today.